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S C O R E // S O U N D I N S T A L L A T I O N
(2014 - 2019)





Score uses the effect of light beams going through water, making the vibration visible and almost tangible, also showing the behaviour of sound waves in space. This system becomes a music composition tool for the artist, who then chooses and shapes the sounds based on the geometric patterns generated in the water. This effect produces a visual feedback as well as listening to the sound process creating a higher perceptual experience when composing.

In this installation Kyoka brings us closer into the use of sound and space in her music, giving us the understanding that all sounds follow the same basic laws of physics. No matter how digital the tools that are used within the creative process, these laws shape the sound resonance in space and in our bodies.

The Japanese artist shows the simple geometry of clear patterns such as the formation of squares, dots, and lines from her experimentations since 2014. The patterns created from the progressive shapes are fluent but intense in motion visible through the water and light.

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